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Your Guide to Luxury Save The Date Wedding Invitations

What are Save The Date Wedding Invitations?

It is traditional to send out Wedding Invitations 6 weeks before the BIG day. However, times have changed a great deal since this wedding invitation etiquette was developed. Therefore it is much more considerate to your guests that you invite them much earlier. But Again even 12 weeks before the big day is not enough time to prepare your guests. Therefore the Save the Date wedding invitation has been developed. This allows you to send out a small save the day wedding invitation that's packed with all the essential information such as date, time and location of the big day. Guests can then prepare themselves well in advance of your Big Day and 'save the day' in their diary. Plus you can relax in the knowledge that those guests you hold dear will be able to make your special day even more special by being able to turn up, relaxed. Save The Date cards can be very simple in design if you haven't yet chosen your luxury wedding stationery or can be in the same wedding stationery collection.

Sometimes couples or the Bride's Parents send out save the date wedding invitations in their Christmas Cards. Only one set of postage and also this allows guests to prepare for the year ahead. Save The Day Wedding invitations also let the couple have an idea about who to invite to what part of their big day well in advance. Plus it gives an indication as to who can and cannot attend. Holidays of a lifetime are often booked years in advance and so guests won't be able to attend almost how early you invite them. This the allows greater flexibility for the couple in advance of their BIG day as to who they are able to invite as extra's whether to the wedding itself or the evening party. Save the Day Wedding invitations can also sometimes be known as save the date wedding invitations.