Luxury Printing Service At The Letter Press of Cirencester

Print Options


We have a selection of 20 inks which we hope covers most requirements, however should you want a particular colour to match your wedding theme or for any other reason we can buy any colour with a Pantone reference, for which we make a one off charge of 50 on top of our normal ink colour cost. Our ink colours are also illustrated under typefaces.


This page illustrates the range of card we use for wedding and social stationery. We cannot show sufficient detail here but you can get an idea of the different colour and textures. To see a PDF of these boards please go to our PDF library and select Extras or click here, this allows you to magnify the image to get a better view.

The board weights are as follows:

QUALITY WEIGHT 300-335 gsm This is the default weight available for folded (fly) cards

All our boards are available in this weight

MID WEIGHT 490 gsm This is a nice weight for single invitation card and we use as standard for all orders specifying Brilliant White Wove

490 gsm is only available in Brilliant white wove

HEAVY WEIGHT 600gsm This is a premium weight board which is charged extra

All boards except Impression can be ordered as heavy weight

The Impression Boards are only available as Quality weight; however they are a bulkier board and therefore appear to be heavier than the standard quality weight.


This range of boards and papers comes from a UK supplier called GFSmith. The attractive selection of colours enhances our gift, business card and invitation range. The card is 335 gsm and the paper 120 gsm. The only envelope size that we will stock in all the colours will be C6. Any other size invitation or card will be supplied with envelopes from our non Colorplan range.


This range of ribbons is illustrated in the satin finish with only one Organza sample shown, although we offer Organza in all the colours. Again please view the PDF format of this page to see a better resolution.


Our range of jewels or bindis come direct from India they are fragile and very pretty. They can be used on any our stationery ranges.


Hot foil printing is a brand new service that we offeri. It is a fantastic way to add a bit of shimmer to invitations or gift stationery. It is also useful for printing light colours onto dark materials as the colour remains true. This range of foils is not definitive please contact us if you are looking for another colour as we will be expanding the range with time and demand.


We cannot illustrate our entire range of typefaces so we have selected only those that are currently in our catalogues. The typefaces shown here are dynamic and when highlighted will pop up in a window to show more of its characteristics.


Any of our motifs can be used on any of our stationery without charge. If your form does not allow you to select a certain motif just tell us what motif you require in the comments box. If you have a motif of your own that you would prefer to use then send it along as artwork and we will incorporate it as instructed, we do charge for customers artwork.