Email Stationery

It will come as a surprise to some that The Letter Press is offering an email stationery service, but at The Letter Press we have always been happy to adapt to advances and improvements in communication. We select the best technology for the job: we use letterpress printing techniques to enhance the look of our stationery, but also use digital printing to achieve certain things which letterpress cannot.

The email service we seek to offer is primarily targeted at those who wish to have email as a backup; for instance our very first order came from someone who was concerned about the reliability of the postal service in certain of the remoter areas of the globe where she was intending to send her Save the Date cards. An email announcement was an ideal alternative and it looked exactly the same as the card she had posted to domestic guests.

The Service - what we offer

To supply a digital image of any invitation or announcement card that can be emailed by you to your guest list. We will give simple instructions on how to do this and will supply the image so that it can be embedded into your email, making it unlikely to be put into the recipient's junk folder.

The Image - what it looks like

Your artwork can be enhanced by the application of certain "virtual" effects, for example raised or impressed print, plate sinking, round cornering, bled borders and so on. Animations can be added to mimic the action of opening the card. Although you can get an idea of these effects from this website, to really see what can be achieved in high definition we would need to send you an email example [click here].

Products - what you need to communicate

Please do not feel limited by our range, we would be happy to work with you to produce or incorporate your own artwork / photograph and your own wording for any email message you feel inclined to send.

Email stationery illustrated on the website

The following examples are illustrated on the website, just click on the emboldened words to view:

Wedding Stationery

Invitations and Save the Dates

Social Stationery

Announcements    (Change of Address, Birth, etc.)

Invitations    (At Home, Parties, etc.)

Corporate    (Invitations, Announcements, etc.)

Christmas Stationery

Gifts and Greetings

Christmas Invitations

Finally, this service is still very new and we will be seeking to make improvements in the light of experience and feed-back, please feel free to send us your comments.