2017 Top 10 Wedding Blogs

March 6, 2017

Following the huge success of our top 10 Wedding blogs last year we’ve decided to research and listen to our couples and what inspires them and add another 10 blogs to our favourite list. The wedding blogs we reviewed last year are still great, and still give great advice and inspiration for engaged couples but this year we’ve selected 10 different blogs, sharing the love, between all these inspirational people.

Engaged couples have a number of sources to be inspired to create their own perfect yet truly personal wedding day that says so much about them both. Luxury personalised wedding stationery and invitations obviously forms part of their big day and we’re obviously biased as we know wedding day stationery can add so much more than you would ordinarily consider. Please do take a look at all our design collection and also all the different formats of wedding stationery to adorn your wedding. But even we admit there’s so much more to think about and plan for the perfect day to be remembered and cherished for ever. 

With the advent of the great world wide web there’s never been a better time to get the perfect wedding that really is truly personalised to your desires and whatever your imagination can dream of.

This year we have traditional wedding blogs, some biased around inspiration and the most amazing wedding photography and others around helpful wedding advice and planning tools and tips. But also we’ve realised the importance of Vloggers as well, it’s often very helpful, seeing a topic discussed online. It brings a human side to the inspiration and full of ‘how to’ advice.

There does seem to have been an explosion of wedding blogs since our last review Many different style of inspiration so we’re sure you’ll find the one for you. We hope you find the inspiration you’re looking for, we certainly loved reading them.

Fly Away Bride

As the title suggests this blog is all about weddings in far flung places or often some a little nearer with some amazing real life weddings from Italy, what could be more perfect. Great for seeing some inspirational destinations for that day to remember. It’s not just stunning photography there’s also some great help and tips for planning you wedding when you fly away.

Plans and Presents

Alison who runs the blog admits she just has a love of weddings which inspires her to show off some amazing weddings. There’s even a wedding recently featured from Over Barn in Gloucestershire, not far from us here at The Letter Press. 

Bespoke Bride

Run by 2 women, Emily and Jessica, and they seem to have boundless energy around weddings. They believe colour and creativity are a match made in heaven! They celebrate individuality with daily doses of stylish wedding loveliness and tutorials to inspire couples to create a wedding that is personal and unique. Many tips to help those couples wanting a more DIY wedding are coupled with advise and inspiration.

Jessie Loves

Written by Jessie(!) it’s not just a wedding blog, it also give advise on children, family life and lifestyles. So once you discover the wonderful imagery contained within the pages of this blog, you can carry on reading and being inspired well after your wedding day.

Juno and Joy

Written by Sarah this blog is beautiful to look at whether you’re getting married or not. It is a design led UK wedding blog aimed at contemporary, relaxed, yet luxe wedding style – for couples endeavouring to create a personal and stylish celebration, using reliable and talented suppliers… we’re hoping to be one her suppliers for luxury classic wedding stationery and invitations very soon.

London Bride

Although we’re based in Cirencester, the Capital of the Cotswolds we get more wedding orders from couples based in London than anywhere else. And this blog celebrates weddings in the capitals most amazing places and spaces. Charley, who writes the blog is also an award winning wedding planner and developed this blog back in 2009 to be carefully curated with features which embrace the versatility of what the city has to offer, the wealth of talent within and it’s leading approach to style.

The Wedding Girl’s SOS

Started by a wedding lover, so she could share with other brides all the fabulous things she finds and keeps you up-to-date with all things ‘wedding’. Find out about everything from sample sale days to the hottest honeymoon destinations, plus great tips and advice from industry experts on lots of different topics from Wedding Budgets to Flower Arrangements. She also reviews all the latest ‘must have products’ for brides and runs regular competitions to win fabulous prizes.

Boho Weddings

Set up in 2009, Boho Weddings is a wonderful UK wedding blog written by Kelly Hood – an award-winning wedding planner and wedding blogger. Boho Weddings loves all things ‘Boho’ from luxe to rustic, modern to vintage, as long as your wedding reflects your personality then Boho Weddings is the place for you. Offering expert advice, Boho Weddings is a great place for couples from all around the world, trying to do things differently to find inspiration and ideas. She says - Weddings should be about you as a couple! It’s all about individuality!

So You’re Getting Married

Run by a group of women they can give you advice and everything wedding orientated. Fashion, honeymoons and lifestyle, plus a great collection of real wedding to ensure you stay hooked month after month.

Bride de Force

Here’ one of the Vloggers. These 2 women run an inspiring series of videos giving hints and tips on making and creating your own elements sure to make you wedding perfect for you. Even advice on Wedding Stationery and how to personalise it, but of course you know to come to us for that!

Before the Big Day

Updated daily & brimming with wedding ideas and inspiration, Before the Big Day is the very practical wedding blog for couples looking to make their big day stand out from the crowd. With 100's of real weddings, fantastic wedding theme ideas, unique DIY wedding projects & all the hottest trends, it’s one of the best UK wedding blog for the inspired bride.

So, to get all the latest wedding inspiration, put the kettle on, grab a slice of youre favourite cake and biscuits, or both and settle yourself down to be inspired, find ideas and get the right contacts to make your big day just how you want it and don’t forget your luxury wedding stationery and invitations from The Letter Press of Cirencester!

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