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September 24, 2014

Bespoke Christmas Party Invitations from The Letter Press

Christmas is a time to relieve the mid-winter gloom and throw open hearth and home to friends, family and neighbours. With less than 11 weeks until Christmas, now is a great time to start ordering your invitations to the most looked forward to party of the year.

The Letter Press has a selection of different Christmas party invitations to choose from, from bright red to a traditional Christmas holly design. There are four beautifully designed invitations to choose from:

Why not design traditional Christmas invitations using green flat ink with festive holly motifs in green and terra pink perfect for a Christmas at home invitation. Or maybe you’d prefer a more decorative design with a beautiful letter-pressed black ink with terra pink border, this invitation would be perfect for a Christmas drinks party.

Don’t forget that there’s New Years too. We have some invitations that will catch everyone’s attention with gold raised ink on a bright red design with gold bevel edges. Or for a more modern twist on Christmas and New Year how about a stunning back card design with sparkling silver printed flat ink and motif.

Simply pick the design that you like best and add your message. You can then customise your invitations by altering the font, ink and motif. You can even add your own artwork!

To make your invitation even more elegant you have the option of adding a ribbon in either satin or organza both in a choice of 18 different colours (there a colour to suit any design). Or customising the envelope size, texture and colour.

All your guests will be overjoyed to receive a Letter Press Christmas invitation with our exceptional quality and print. For more information on our Christmas collection click here or call our team on 01285 659 797.


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