Our A-Z of Wedding Planning

July 18, 2016

Our A-Z of Wedding Planning

As Wedding Season is very much upon us and the sun’s out to celebrate we’ve compiled our A-Z of some wedding planning tips – practical and inspirational. A-M is here with N-Z coming next month.


The ambiance isn’t just about the wedding reception and the wedding venue it’s held in, it’s all about your wedding’s ‘brand’. What sort of day do you both want? This is the question you should ask yourselves before you start looking for anything to do with organising you wedding. Well maybe apart from THE DRESS!

Relaxed, informal, traditional, small & intermit, large & grand. All questions you need to ask and what you decide with then ensure what sort of celebration you create. This will then set the ambience you want as well. Friendly with just close friends and family or grand with a more traditional and often extensive guest list. Remember it’s you wedding ‘brand’.


Sadly we do all (well nearly all) have to stick to a budget and it can bring the joyous occasion of planning a wedding to a point where serious questions have to be asked. Who’s going to pay for what and what is the budget for each element. It’s also better to get this sorted before too much planning happens so once it’s agreed you have the budget to work towards and not spend all you budget on THE DRESS before the other elements are considered. Tempting as it is.


The wedding ceremony can often be overlooked as it is also often the simplest to organise. Once a date has been set – which can be the difficult part, remember not to forget it. It needs just as much attention. It’s where your guests start to enjoy your day together, where the order of service is handed out and everyone gets assembled to celebrate your marriage together. After all it’s the legal bit and where, most importantly, you make promises to each other for the rest of your lives together.

wedding Dress

Finally we get to THE DRESS. Not much to be said really. Make sure it suits your day, you, and you can afford it. It’s often the case that brides think it is the most important part of the planning as you can go shopping with your close friends and family and be pampered while you are the centre of attention. Be careful not to get the dress element out of perspective though. But like all elements of wedding planning you have to be able to fit the cost within your budget, no matter how wonderful those really expensive options are.

Evening Wedding Invitations

Along with all your other wedding stationery, evening wedding invitations are very important if you’re having an extended party in the evening. Couples organise evening wedding receptions for many reasons. Often the reason is that numbers are limited during the main wedding reception due to budget, or the venue. More people can be invited just to the evening reception. It’s also quite common for more family to be invited to the wedding reception itself and friends, younger with more energy to have a good party, invited to the evening reception.

personalised wedding invitations 

First Dance

The perfect moment to really show off to your friends and family with a set dance routine no matter how innovative. Or just a great opportunity to finally be together after what can be a very hectic day.


It can often be a hard one for couples to justify. Gift giving is part of the traditions associated with getting married. Guests genuinely want to pass on their best wishes to you both for the future and set you up for life living together for years to come. What some couples find hard is the guest list and therefore dictating what people should buy and that you are expecting a gift. But don’t worry, most guests want to buy you a present and are pleased there’s a list you have compiled to help them choose what to get you and guidance on the gifts you want and need. Just make sure there’s plenty on the list you actually do need and also to suit many different budgets.

Hen Nights

Hen and Stag nights have become a whole new party to organise and enjoy. Gone are the days when the groom went out the night before his wedding with a few friends to have a small drink with one last time as a bachelor. Hen and stag parties now last whole weekends and so have to arranged often months before the wedding itself. Organising thankfully is the role of the best man or chief bridesmaid. Whatever you’re doing – have a good one and make sure it’s not the night before the wedding!

Wedding Invitations

Personalised wedding invitations in the UK are so important. They announce you’re getting married which is to be celebrated and enjoyed by so many family and friends. It can sometimes be the first those not in contact with you hear about you forthcoming wedding and everyone enjoys a chance to get together and celebrate a happy occasions. But as well as giving all the relevant information needed to your guests the luxury wedding invitations most important role is to set the tone, ambience and nature of the day to come. Guests will know what to expect thanks to the design of the invitations, the tone of voice in the invitations and also information on what the day holds. Something for guests to really start getting excited about.

personalised wedding invitations 

Junior Bridesmaids

Younger bridesmaids can be wonderful to have in your wedding party. They can add lots of fun and also help to get rid of any pre-wedding nerves. They can also be flower girls and obviously look adorable at the same time. But they’re not essential, like bridesmaids themselves. But Bridesmaids do help with traditions and as they’re often your closest friends and family they’re great to shard memorable moments on the run up to your wedding with like shopping for bridesmaid dresses, hair and make up on the day as well.


It’s a good idea to decide whether kids are invited or not early on in the planning. Your close friends can often determine this, do many of them have kids, if they do then it maybe difficult for them to attend if their kids aren’t invited. It’s up to your own personal choice and your guests will be happy to follow your lead so ensure you do what’s right for your day and your wedding.


As the planning stages really start to kick in and the evenings and weekends are taken up by all the wedding preparations remember to have some laughs along the way! And on the big day itself live, laugh and love. It’s what its all about!

Wedding Menu

Not essential to have on the tables at the wedding reception but wedding menus can be a nice touch and help to bring your wedding ‘brand’ together as personalised printed stationery can be your design and visually tie everything together. Plus inform your guests as the sit down so they know the lovely food you’ve chosen and organised for them.

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