Top 10 luxury party venues for a party to remember

May 16, 2016

It’s not just weddings that need a great venue to invite family and friends to. These days there’s a growing trend in bigger and more lavish wedding anniversary parties and higher age Birthday parties. It’s wonderful to get together inviting your longest and dearest friends and family from around the world to celebrate a memorable wedding anniversary or specific birthday in style.

We think the growing number of parties is due to the fact people tend to live so much further away from each other these days, a good party can bring everyone together, like nothing else can. This is certainly the case with people getting their party invitations from us here at The Letterpress of Cirencester.

But, unlike weddings you might want to hold your party somewhere a little different. Plus you’re not as restricted as you can often be with weddings, you can hold your party anywhere in the world, as longs as you’ve got the money to pay for it is that is! You could hire Necker Island for example – Richard’s Branson’s exclusive desert island in the sun.

The best way to search for great party venues is generally a web search. Don’t limit yourself down too much and definitely look at the wedding venues as well. Wedding venues obviously make great party venues and all venues will hold any type of party. Also use listing sites as these have done the hard work for you. Try these, some are general and list venues others are specifically for party venue listings: - south west predominantly. - wonderful, but not much outside of London.

But to help you all we’ve researched online and also taken advice from those getting their wedding anniversary and birthday party invitations from us. Some are a little different and more imaginative, not necessarily for you to use but just to inspire.

Pool party with a difference

Haymarket Hotel

You don’t have to be a child at a party to enjoy a pool party, these days there’s luxurious and stunning pools that offer you the chance to party the night away in style, while taking a dip. The Letterpress can design pool party invitations to fit with your theme or you can choose party invitation from our collections.

Luxury party venues and invitations 

Party amongst the artefacts

Victoria and Albert Museum – Museum of Childhood

Let the years slip away and hold your memorable party in this amazing space full of colour and light. Definitely something to tell the grand children about!

luxury part venue v and a invitations 

An Historic party palace

National Trust

Obviously the National Trust have some amazing houses and castles in some of the countries most stunning locations, but did you know you can hire many of them for birthday and anniversary parties? They list them under weddings but you can hold any sort of party there. Search by location.

Celebrate in the High Seas – while still in port

Brunel’s SS Great Britain

Combine your party to remember with a little bit of Great British history on board Brunel’s SS Great Britain. Set it the stunning harbour side the sunsets are amazing and the interior will be all ship shape. Design a ship or sailing themed set of luxury party invitations or choose from our collections for your perfect party to remember.

A chateau with a difference

Chateau Rhianfa

Get the party started in style in a chateau, not in France but in North Wales. It’s a truly wonderful fairy tale setting where your party guests can stay at the same time, as it’s a wonderful hotel as well. Escape from it all and be the belle of the ball.

Chataeu Rhianfa party venire and invitations 

Sea Views everywhere with a fort in the middle of the sea

Solent Forts

If you want 360 degrees of sea views then you need to have a party on a 360 degree party venue set in the middle of the sea. And that’s exactly what you get with Solent Forts. You can even stay, so you and your guests can truly experience a night to remember at your birthday or anniversary party in a location hard to beat.

Solent Forts Party Venues and Invitations 

A marquee with a difference

Tipi Tent hire

Marquees make great party venues as you can put them in your garden if you’re lucky enough or in some amazing locations. But there’s an alternative to traditional marquees, try something a little different with a tipi. Don’t worry, they’re not small these days and they interconnect to make amazing party venues. Plus due to their design you get great views outside too.

Get back to your roots in the middle of the Cotswolds


Although it does come across as mainly a wedding venue, parties of any sort can be enjoyed here. Plus there’s many different places to stay overnight allowing you and your guests to party the night away without any worries at all.

Matara party venue and invitations 

Party in a ruined Castles and historical settings

English Heritage

Sounds odd, but just as the National Trust allows you to party in their locations so do English Heritage. Locations across the UK allow you to party-on-down in fallen down castles with some amazing views.

Party in the rain forest and beyond

The Eden Project

This amazing location allows party goers to experience this truly wonderful environment. Many of the buildings can be hired and suit different parties as there are many different buildings of different sizes. Nigh time is especially stunning to experience.

The Eden Project party venue and invitations 

It has been a real eye opener to research this latest blog and see some truly different venues. Each one very much unique in their own special way and it all makes us want to party and enjoy a great night out with our nearest and dearest friends, even if we don’t see them as much as we’d like these days.

So, when you’ve found the party venue to set you pulse racing, make sure you set the style and tone of your party right for your family and friends and get your luxury birthday and wedding anniversary party invitations from The Letter Press of Cirencester!

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