Luxury Wedding Stationery Competition with Cotswold Style Magazine

January 15, 2016

Great news if your wedding is in 2016 or you know somebody who is planning a wedding in 2016. We’ve partnered with Cotswold Style Magazine and The Cheltonian magazine to give you a chance to win all your luxury personalised wedding invitations and stationery from The Letter Press of Cirencester.

Choose from a range of designs for your wedding invitations and evening invitations, all beautifully printed and hand finished in Cirencester. You can win from the full range of design collections from save the day cards through to the luxury wedding invitations themselves and finally the wedding thank you cards.

All we ask is that we are allowed to ‘share’ in your wedding preparations via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. And your wedding date to be in 2016. We’d like to follow you through your search to find the perfect dress, the most amazing wedding location and of course selecting your luxury personalised wedding invitations. Your wedding can be anywhere in the world, not just in the Cotswolds. If you already love to use social media then this is perfect for you. You don’t have to have accounts on all social media, just at least one of them.

Plus we’re having a celebration of Luxury Wedding Stationery on February Saturday 6th from 11am -4pm at our shop and showroom at The Letter Press of Cirencester, 3-9 Cripps Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 1HN. You’ll be able to select and personalise your wedding invitations and stationery while relaxing with a glass of fizz. You’ll also be able to benefit from 10% off all Wedding Invites and stationery purchased on the day. You are welcome to come along anytime on the day but if you’d like to make an appointment please contact us via

On this special day we’ll also be presenting the lucky prize winners with their prize along with Cotswold Style magazine.

Please enter our wedding stationery competition via the Cotswold Style Magazine website by clicking here and we will announce the lucky couples names on January 31st via Twitter, Facebook and on our website plus it will be announced in Cotswold Style.

Good luck!

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