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September 14, 2015

One of the most important decisions a couple can make when planning their wedding day, apart from luxury wedding invitations, is which wedding photographer to use. Wedding photographers vary greatly, and not just on their costs. And the most popular can get booked up as far in advance as the most popular venues. 

The style of photography can help style your whole day. Formal or relaxed, it all needs researching and ensuring you are conformable in the company of your photographer, after all you need to be confident and relaxed in their presence to get the right feel of the wedding day. Couples need to be able to look back on their big day and remember it in a way they want to, for years to come.

So here at The Letter Press we decided to find the best and varied wedding photographers out there and as there are quite a few, we decided to concentrate around our own area, The beautiful Cotswolds.

We hope you find the style you’re looking for amongst these great wedding images, or at least inspire your very own wedding day. We hope you find the inspiration you’re looking for, we certainly loved looking at them all.

Louise Bowles Photography

A wedding photographer for the stylish, qualified with the Guild of Photographers, Louise’s images really do build upon the great wedding venue’s around the Cotswolds and also the fabulous countryside. Formal shots are interspersed with more relaxed images highlighting the fun great wedding days can bring, to all guests.

Maggie Booth 

Maggie aims to tell the story of your wedding day in a contemporary style with beautiful images. She wants to catch the emotional connection between the wedding couples and from the images she has on her website it doesn’t stop there. Bridesmaids and Page Boys feature highly and as they have a relaxed feel they really do capture the happy moments a wedding day has to offer.

Shane Young Weddings

Shane quite rightly ensures you know he’s been UK top ten Wedding Photographer for 2 years running by the Guild of Photographers. He aims to give your wedding fabulous pictures by capturing the best moments all with a touch of artistry. There’s a real mix of styles on his website, from contemporary formal, utilising the environment to it’s best, but also some great informal shots, capturing the personality of the big day.

Simon Young

Not only does Simon Young take great wedding shots he also teaches photography and coaches other professional photographers and is a judge and member of the Guild of Wedding photographers. He seems to thoroughly enjoy his job and the personal relationship between him and the wedding couple and their friends and family is seen as a very important part of the day.

Dan Morris Photography

Dan states he specialises in wedding photography both within the UK and abroad. He believes capturing images that are truthful, beautiful, unobtrusive, and often infused with a touch of personality is the recipe to wonderful wedding photography. He says he really loves what he does and spends a lot of time refining and perfecting his images. And it looks like he does too.

Jon Harper

Photographing your wedding day is more than a job; its a privilege, Jon states. He aims to tell your story through breath-taking documentary style images so that, once your wedding day has been and gone, you can still relive the love, excitement and little details of your special day, time and time again. His wife can also film your wedding as well.

Suzi Lawrence Photography

Suzi states she’s really passionate about not just photography but also art and design and this shows from her shots. They are beautifully composed, aiming to get the personality and style of the event itself through the shots for the big day. Very stylish but with a personal touch.

Megan Sian Photography

Meagn is a young photographer with less experience than the others and also not really based in the Cotswolds but she’s been the photographer for many Cotswold based wedding and her style is very stylish and very informal but with the emphasis always on style.

Rob Tarren

Rob states he works in a relaxed and informal style to ensure the true beauty of your wedding day shines through. The examples on his website certainly reflect this as all the wedding look great fun and his use of filters and composition certainly make his images stand out from the crowd.

Alexandra Jane

Some very beautiful and stylish images that really capture the personal moments during a wedding, especially between the wedding couple themselves. Originally an architecture photographer she now works with wedding couples as she finds them far more interesting! Plus it’s this focus on the couples themselves which sets her shots apart from many others.

Researching wedding photographers and their images is so much easier with the internet. You can see a vast array of styles and approaches from the comfort of your own home, but it doesn’t all revolve around the internet. Getting on with your photographer and ensuring they also have the right personality to get on with you, your elderly relatives and children alike is critical to getting the best out of all your memories, so make sure you meet with your photographer as well.

So, make sure your wifi is working, some of the images take awhile to download on Cotswold broadband, put the kettle on and prepare to be inspired and get the right contacts to remember your big day just how you want it to be remembered. And don’t forget your luxury wedding stationery and invitations from The Letter Press of Cirencester!

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